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About Turrialba

About Turrialba

Turrialba is a pleasant and friendly little town 65 km East of San Jose.

The central town in a large agricultural area, Turrialba services a population of 75,000. In the past it was an important stop on the old highway between San Jose and the Caribbean and for what was called "the jungle" train which was discontinued several years ago after a major earthquake. Turrialba offers universities, several high schools, cultural events and a friendly population of Turrialbenos who'll make you feel welcome in an instant.

The road into Turrialba winds its way through valleys with picturesque views. You can still see the un-used railroad tracks throughout the town. The old station is still in operation as a restaurant. The valley that Turrialba occupies was thought to have been a lake bed a millenia ago and is only 650 meters above sea level. Coffee and sugar cane are the main crops; the popularity of white water sports and other attractions has increased the inflow of foreign and national visitors.